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Therapy for Professionals

Helping You with the Challenges of a High-Pressure Career

People who work in high-pressure jobs often experience a unique set of challenges

  • Working intensely for long hours leading to exhaustion, limited time for, and a loss of interest in other activities including relationships and hobbies

  • Pressure from clients and managers, highly performance-driven, high expectations, always-on workplace mentality with constant changes, leading to stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and/or feelings of hopelessness

  • Worrying and ruminating outside of working hours, finding it hard to disengage from work and focus on other pursuits

  • A weakening romantic relationship and a frustrated partner, leading to constant fights or complete disengagement from each other and a loss of connection

  • Experiencing guilt about being away from family, missing out on children’s important milestones and not being able to provide enough attention and care

  • Loneliness due to not having time or being too tired to expand the social circle or date

  • Deteriorating physical health, weight gain and inactivity leading to further exhaustion and poor mental health

In therapy, we will first focus on reducing your stress level, improving your mood, and creating some breathing space for you so you have the possibility to process your experiences and consider your own needs. 

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We will set realistic, concrete goals and begin taking steps so you can start feeling significantly better and move from surviving to thriving.

Because your time is so limited, I work around your schedule, so we can find suitable timeslots for our appointments that are realistic and convenient.


Evening or online sessions may work best for you. If making it to a face-to-face appointment is unattainable, you could decide to call in to our appointments from the office or from home.