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Therapy for Trailing Spouses

Helping You with Your New Life in the Netherlands

Trailing spouses (also referred to as accompanying partners)

are those who have relocated abroad to follow their partner

Trailing spouses often experience a unique set of challenges, including

  • Loss of direction and not finding fulfilment in the new country, leading to a low mood, dwindling motivation and even depression

  • Feelings of disappointment and hopelessness

  • Increasing relationship frustrations, resentment and a loss of connection

  • Difficulties adjusting to the new country, or even culture shock, not understanding the language and the local way of life, leading to loneliness, low self esteem and anxiety

  • Homesickness, missing family and friends, places and experiences, and wanting to go back to the way things were before the move abroad

  • Grief over a career that was given up and social ties that have weakened

  • Limited motivation to start new endeavours, and longing for more out of life

  • Deteriorating physical health, weight gain and inactivity, contributing to poor mental health

In therapy, we will focus on exploring your thoughts and interpretations, addressing your wishes and helping you redefine who you are in your current situation living abroad, while removing blocks and helping you get unstuck.

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Therapy Session

We will work together to start paving the way for you to live a fulfilling life that is in line with your wishes and values and is realistic to your situation. We might involve your spouse in the process. You will learn and practice skills and start implementing those to see the changes happening in your mood, life, motivation and relationship.